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Can I prevent my guests from editing their submissions?
Can I prevent my guests from editing their submissions?

Disable submission editing from Event Settings > Security & Passwords.

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By default, RSVPify allows for editing of all submissions with an exception of paid ones. Guests can make edits to their submissions in several ways. With that said, we also allow event hosts to disable the submission editing ability. Here's how:

Step 1: Customize > Event Settings > Security & Passwords

In your event's left navigation menu, locate Setup and from there select Event Settings. In the Event Settings page select Security & Passwords.

Step 2: Toggle off the ability for editing submissions

Under Registration Edits & Cancellations section, toggle off the button for editing submissions. By doing this, your guests won't be able to edit their registrations.

Disable submission editing in the registration edits & cancellations section.

Step 3: Save the changes you made

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