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How to ungroup invited guests?
How to ungroup invited guests?

Ungroup your guests and add them to the invite list as individuals

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How do I ungroup my guests in the invite list?

Guests from a group can be separated in the Invite List section of your event. The first step in doing this is locating the group that needs to be separated. Once you click on the group, you need to click on the trash icon next to the name of the invitee and delete it from the group.

Once this has been done, you need to click on the '+' icon located on the right-hand side of the Invite List. This will allow you to add the guest you deleted from the group back into the list, but this time as an individual guest.

Adding guests to the invite list - RSVPify

Once the guest is added this way, they will appear at the top of the invite list as a newly added individual guest. Their response will have no further connection with the person from whose group they were taken out.

How else can I ungroup my guests?

Another way to ungroup guests would be by changing their Group ID in the spreadsheet that was used for list import, and then reimporting it. You can find more information about the group ID here: In the import process, what is a 'Group ID' and why do I need it?

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