How do I open the registration for my event?

The registration for your event can be opened via the Publish & Invite section of your event menu. Once you enter this section, the first bar will be the status bar where the status of the event will be displayed. You can then open your registration by clicking the 'Registration/RSVP Open' option.

Event Status

Once you click on this option, your event will be published, and a window will open up that allows you to make changes to your published event. These options include copying the event link, viewing the event, setting the registration deadline, etc.

Publish event edit options

How do I set up the registration to open and close at the time of my choice?

Opening registrations for your event can be scheduled via the Publish & Invite section of your event menu. When the section is entered, schedule the event publishing by clicking on the last bar in the dropdown menu - 'Schedule to Open'.

Schedule to Open option in the dropdown menu

Once you click on the option to schedule the registration for later, a submenu will open up with settings of the time and date of the registration opening. Under these options, you will see the option to edit the message that will be displayed before the registrations are opened.

Schedule registration open

When all this is successfully set up, you need to click 'publish & schedule open'. After this, the same window that opens up after the event is published will appear, in which you can choose to schedule the registration closing date.

Schedule registration close

The final step is to click 'Schedule deadline' and your event will go be ready for your guests to see, but the registrations will open only when you scheduled them to and close at the time that you've set as the registration deadline.

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