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How do I set up an action in my Zapier account?
How do I set up an action in my Zapier account?

RSVPify & Zapier integration.

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Before setting up an action, you need to set up a trigger. This article walks you through the process of setting up a trigger.

An action is an event that is performed after the Zap is triggered. Zapier allows you to set these actions in over 4000 apps. In this article, we will cover setting up actions in the RSVPify app. Here are the steps:

  1. Select RSVPify Events app

  2. Choose Action event - this is an action that will be performed when your Zap has been triggered.
    You can choose between multiple actions:

    Action events

3. Choose account - select your connected RSVPify account to proceed.

4. Select the RSVPify event where you want the action to be performed

RSVPify event selection

5. Depending on the action you selected, you will be asked to enter different details. Since we opted to add a note to an invitee group when a new invitee is added, in this case, we are asked to enter the email address of that invitee group and a comment that will be added.

6. Test your Zap and ensure everything works correctly.

7. Turn on your Zap.

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