When VIP guests or specific invitee sets begin their registration, you can choose to display a targeted message that only those invitees will see.

Step 1: Tag specific invitees with a unique tag

In your invite list, locate the specific invitees and add a tag that's unique to them.

Tagging invitees with unique tags.

Step 2: Navigate to Setup > Form Builder and place a text block to the form. Customize the text block with a message for targeted invitees.

In your event's left navigation menu locate Setup and from there select Form Builder. Once you are taken to the form builder, under available blocks locate the 'Text, Image, Video' block and place it to the form. Then update that block with a personal message, fun memory or special details relevant to only specific target audiences.

Creating a targeted or personal message, fun memory or special details for relevant guests.

Step 3: Customize who can see the message

This is where you will connect the targeted invitee to the personalized message. In the settings drawer of the text block, set it to be shown only to those who are tagged with the specific tag and then save the changes.

Connect the targeted invitee with the personalized message by using tags.

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