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Invitee Passcodes

Generate and assign passwords to everyone on your invite list.

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At RSVPify, we go to great lengths to ensure the privacy and safety of our users. With that in mind, in addition to allowing password protection of events, we offer the ability to generate and assign unique passwords to invitees and therefore increase the security.

If enabled, the Invitee Passcodes feature allows you to generate and assign random passwords to each group in the invite list. By doing this, your event website becomes protected from unwanted visitors and only those who have a password assigned to their name & email address will be able to see the event website and register for the event.

This feature can be located via Event Settings > Security & Passwords.

A randomly generated passcode will look something like this, and can be manually changed from the invite list:

And the guest experience? Here is an example for how this looks on the guest side:

Guest experience when entering invitee passcode.

Note that the 'find my invitation' block will be completely skipped after the password is entered as the system already knows who is registering with the entered password.

Can I import my own invitee passcodes?

Enterprise users can create custom data fields to assign custom invitee passcodes to each guest.

Invitee Passcodes Spreadsheet

Once this is completed, the next step you need to take is to import the spreadsheet into the invite list. In this process, you need to select a custom data field that will be imported with the default fields. You need to select which of the fields from the spreadsheet will be imported as the custom data field and then continue with the import process.

Invitee Passcodes custom field setup

After you successfully complete the import, you need to go to Setup > Event Settings > Security & Passwords. In this section, you need to select the Invitee passcodes option. Once this option is selected, you will be able to assign a custom data field to work as the invitee passcode. You will then be able to select the custom field you imported as the one that will be recognized by the system as the invitee passcode.

Creating Invitee Passcodes - RSVPify

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