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Can I export my guests' event check-in activity?
Can I export my guests' event check-in activity?

Guests' event check-in activity can be easily exported from the Check-in section in the event's left navigation menu.

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Yes, absolutely! We have made all of the data exportable, and you can get your export in a few simple steps:

In your event's left navigation menu, locate the Check-in tab and click on it. Under Activity Feed, locate the 'Export activity' option and click on it. Once the export is done, you'll be able to see the details of your guests and all of their check-in activity, along with the date and time of that action.

export activity

Details included in the export:

  • timestamp - date and time of the last check-in action

  • action - guest's latest check-in action

  • first name

  • last name

  • email address

  • confirmation number

  • ticket selection

  • staff member - a member of the door staff that performed check-in activity for a certain guest

  • terminal name - a name of the device/terminal that was used to check-in a guest

  • active ticket type filters - this column will show ticket type filters set when checking-in guests

  • active tag filters - if any tag filters are set when checking-in guests, they will be included in this column

Additionally, when exporting from the dashboard (via Dashboard > Overview), the export will contain all of your guests' registration data and their check-in state.

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