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How to download a QR Code for your event
How to download a QR Code for your event

Direct guests to your RSVPify website and allow them to RSVP to an event using a scannable QR Code.

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Step 1: Go to Share & Invite > RSVP By QR Code

The RSVP by QR code feature is located under the publish & invite section of your event's menu.

RSVP by QR code feature - RSVPify

Step 2: Customize Your QR Code

Customize the color of your code, the background color, and select the style of your QR code (round or square)

QR code customizations - RSVPify

Step 3: Download your QR Code
The export will be a PNG file (250px by 250 px).

Step 4: Test out your code
Make sure to test out your QR code on your invitation before going to print!

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