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How to edit the confirmation screen?
How to edit the confirmation screen?

Customize the screen your invitees will see after responding to your event.

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Once your guests have registered/RSVPd to your event, they will be taken to the confirmation screen. Based on their responses, we offer both 'Attending' and 'Not Attending' confirmation screens and both of them can be edited within your event form builder.

Step 1: Form Builder > Confirmation Screen

In your event's left navigation menu, locate and select Form Builder. Under the list of available form blocks locate 'Confirmation Screen' and click on it.

Customize the screen the guests will see after responding to the event - RSVPify

Step 2: Customize the confirmation screen

Both the attending and not attending confirmation screens will by default include the summary of the submitted event registration. However, further customizations can be done by adding the 'Image&Text' block above or below the submission summary.

The Image&Text block is fully customizable, and while you can write some additional details of your event here, you can upload a picture as well: click on the '+' button and then click the image icon. Locate and upload the picture of your choice.

To edit the not attending screen, click on that option at the top of your page:

Editing the confirmation screen with an image - RSVPify.

If your event was published prior to making these changes, you will have to republish it in order for the changes to go live.

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