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How do I add a video to my event website?
How do I add a video to my event website?

Embedding a video and troubleshooting videos not working

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While the event website can be customized with images, if you'd like your guests to see a video, you can embed a YouTube or Vimeo link as well to further customize your event website.

​Step 1: Navigate to Setup > Event Website

In your event's left navigation menu locate and select Event Website Builder.

Event Website Builder - RSVPify

Step 2: Add a text block to your website

Under the 'Available Blocks' section locate Text, Image, Video Block and click on the + button to add it to your website.

This will add the text block to the bottom of your website. If needed, you can re-order the blocks using the drag-and-drop feature. Simply drag the block you'd like to re-arrange and drop it to the new position.

Step 3: Locate your video link

Adding a video to your RSVPify page does not require embed code. All you need is the link to your video. It should look something like the below:
Youtube Example

Vimeo Example

You can find this URL In the browser's address bar on your video's page.

Step 3: Paste the link to your video

Once you are satisfied with the order of your blocks, click on the white + button that will show inside your text block. Select the 'Embed Video' option:

Then paste the link to your video to a box that will appear on your screen. Click OK. After doing this, the video will be embedded into your event website.

If your event was published prior to these updates, you will have to republish it in order for the changes to go live.

Troubleshooting - why isn't my video working?

If your video is not embedding, please check the following:

Confirm you are embedding a video that is uploaded to either Youtube or Vimeo. These are the supported options.

Confirm your link looks like the examples in step 3.

❌ If your URL includes the following, it is not the correct link:

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