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Can I ask my registrants to upload vaccine passports when completing event registration?
Can I ask my registrants to upload vaccine passports when completing event registration?

Effortlessly ask your guests to upload a vaccine passport file to your form

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The ability to upload a file has become quite common among event registration processes these days. Whether you want your guests to upload a vaccine passport or an e-signature - don't worry, we've got you covered.

To set up your file upload custom question you need to:
โ€‹Step 1: Navigate to Form Builder and locate the 'Vaccine Passport' form block

In your event's left navigation menu locate and select Form Builder. Under available form questions locate the 'Vaccine Passport' block and drag and drop it to the form.

Step 2: Configure the settings of the file upload custom question

Allowed File Types - you can require only certain file types to be uploaded or you could leave it blank which would mean your guests could upload ANY file type.

Limit File Size - This allows you to limit the size of uploaded files. You can set the lower and/or the upper size limit or you could leave this blank which means no size limitations will apply.

Number of files - limit the number of files your guests can upload with their registration. Again, this could be left blank and that would allow your guests to upload as many files as they want.

Ask Question - decide if you want to ask this question once per group or individually

Ask If - ask this question based on the responses to the primary or secondary event(s)

Additional Criteria - if you are using tags, you can set this question to be asked only to the tagged individuals

Required - if toggled on, your guests would be required to upload a file in order to proceed with their registration. Leave toggled off if you want the response to this question to be optional.

Step 3: Save (and test the form)

Once you save the changes, test the form to make sure everything is working properly. If your event is published, make sure to republish it for the changes to go live.

What does it look like in reporting?

You can see and review all of the uploaded files via Reporting > Custom Questions. From the dropdown menu select the file upload custom question and from there you'll be able to open and/or download the uploaded files.

Image Location in Reporting

And the guest experience? This is what it looks like to your registrants:

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