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Bar & Bat Mitzvah RSVP: A Guide to Setting Up Your Child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah RSVP Online with RSVPify
Bar & Bat Mitzvah RSVP: A Guide to Setting Up Your Child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah RSVP Online with RSVPify

This article provides a custom walkthrough of RSVPify specific for B'nai Mitzvah hosts

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RSVPify is the go-to solution for B'nai Mitzvah hosts as our platform was built to handle the various complexities and nuances inherent in hosting these celebratory events!

The beauty of RSVPify is that you're able to collect RSVPs for all of the sub-events inherent in this special celebration in one flow, while only letting specific guests RSVP (or even see!) the sub-events that they're invited to (e.g. Kiddush, Ceremony, Brunch, and PARTY!).

Quick Reference

This article includes detailed walk-throughs to help guide your set up. Use the below bookmarks to "jump" to a specific section of the guide:

How RSVPify works for B'nai Mitzvahs: A quick intro to Primary & Secondary Events

Primary Event: You should name your Primary Event something overarching about the festivities (e.g. “Eli's Bar Mitzvah Celebration”). All of your guests will see and RSVP to the Primary Event (and there is no way of disabling the Primary “Event”).

Secondary Events: with RSVPify, you can use our Secondary Events feature to have guests respond to sub-events that are invite-only (i.e. only specific guests can see + RSVP to) or you can set them so that everyone on your list can respond! See the video below for a quick description of how to set-up your form. For more on Secondary Events, scroll down!

Customizing Your Form With Secondary (Sub) Events

To add them, simply head to the “form builder” via customize -> Form Builder and drag over a ‘Secondary Event’ modal to the form! This is a crucial feature for B’nai Mitzvah hosts that are planning a series of sub-events with exclusive guest lists! Note that Secondary Events are a premium feature. See below:

Note: you will not be able to specify which guests are invited to these Secondary / Sub-Events until you've created your Guest List for the Primary Event (see below!). You can learn more about how to invite your specific guests to your invite-only Secondary Events HERE but again, you won't be able to work on this step until AFTER the Guest List for the Primary Event has been created:

Design Customization - Look & Feel of Your Page:

While RSVPify offers nearly limitless design customizations, we’ve made a number of pre-made templates perfect for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs that make it easy for your to tweak for your needs. Curious about the layout and options (i.e. Event Wall vs. RSVP Form)? Check out the overview below:

For the Event Wall, most B’nai Mitzvah hosts simply update the image of a picture of the child being celebrated. You’re welcome to add additional blocks if desired, but no need to unnecessarily complicate things – sometimes less is more! See the video below for a quick description of how to customize your event website and form.

Setting up your Invite List:

The invite list is a very popular feature among B’nai Mitzvah hosts as it allows you to pre-determine who can RSVP, group invited guests into households (so a single person can RSVP on behalf of everyone in the family at once). It also allows you to send email invitations and reminders to RSVP (for stragglers!) if you include email addresses in the import. To import your list, simply head to Invite list -> Import. Once you click on the “Import List” button, you will be prompted to download our Spreadsheet Template (which you need to use):

Note that titles, emails, additional guest(s) allowed, and Tags are all optional fields. But in most instances, B’nai Mitzvah hosts do use Titles, Tags, email addresses (for the ones they have), and must use the GROUP ID column. Note that if you have any invite-only Secondary Event(s), you will need to use the Tags field to indicate which event(s) the invitees are invited to! See video below for a quick explanation of how to setup your invite list, including how to import your list.

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