Want to sell tickets and collect payments (and donations) in a currency that is not USD? Not a problem. To do so, you need to follow these simple steps. However, before you proceed, it's a good idea to review what currencies RSVPify supports for selling tickets.

Here's how to change the currency of your event:

Step 1: Locate Payments & Coupons under your Event settings
In your event's left navigation menu, locate Setup and then select Event settings. From there, select Payments & Coupons.

Step 2: Change the currency under the Payments & Coupons section

Under the Stripe box of your Payments & Coupons page, you will see the Currency section. By default, it will be set to United States Dollar but you can change that to a currency of your preference supported by our payment processor.

Step 3: Save the changes
Once you save the changes you will be able to sell tickets and collect payments in your desired currency.

NOTE: You won't be able to change the currency of your event if a live payment in another currency has already been processed.

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