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Can I schedule my emails to be sent later?

A guide to scheduling your emails at pre-defined time

Updated over a week ago

Scheduling campaigns to be sent later is definitely possible with RSVPify. Whether you need to send invitations or reminder emails, you can compose them earlier and schedule them to be sent at a pre-defined time. Here's how:

Step 1: In your event left navigation menu, locate Email Communications and from there select New Email.

This is where you edit the body of your email. Here you can add any information you think is relevant to your event.

Step 2: Select the audience for your email

Select those you wish to receive the email. You can select individual recipients or choose groups of people (those attending/not attending, those on the Invite List, etc.). You can also set custom criteria for those receiving the email.


Step 3: Schedule the email

To schedule the email, you will need to select the eponymous radio button and then select the send time and timezone. After doing this, click on the 'Schedule To Send to X Recipients' button and your email is going to be scheduled and will be waiting for the send time.

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