How do I set up a waitlist?

Setting up a wait list to collect information from interested guests once your event reaches max capacity.

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A waitlist is one way of collecting information from guests interested in your event after it has reached max capacity. With RSVPify 3 it is certainly very easy to create it and this article will walk you through how to do just that!

Step 1: Set up your RSVP / Registration as desired.

This will make setting up your waitlist quick & easy!

Step 2: Clone your registration to create your 'waitlist' event.

Navigate to your dashboard by clicking the RSVPify logo in the top left-hand corner of your event menu and locate the event you want to clone and click on the three-dots button in the upper right corner of your event thumbnail. Select Duplicate event.

Duplicate your RSVPify event

Still not sure how to duplicate your event? Not a problem. Click here to review our support article.

Step 3: Customize the waitlist experience as desired.

Customize the details and settings of this event to reflect the waitlist experience! Make sure to delete any extra information and questions that are specific to attendees only. Here are a few tips:

Customize > Form Builder

  • Update the Welcome Message to be more relevant and let the guests know they have reached the waitlist.

  • Under the RSVP/Ticketing block hide the 'Not Attending/Can't Make it' option.

  • If the event is ticketed, disable the payment required setting in the Ticketing block

  • If it was enabled, disable the Calendar Invite setting.

  • Update the Confirmation Screen and add a guest message with additional details (i.e You will receive an email if a seat has opened up and you have been registered for the event.)

Customize > Event Settings > Confirmation Email

  • Customize the email confirmations sent to the waitlisted guests by updating the email introduction and conclusion. You can inform them what the next steps will be:

Step 4: Run a test submission to make sure everything is set up as desired!

This is just to be sure you didn't miss anything when creating the waitlist event

Step 5: Customize the closed page for the main event

Once your event has reached max capacity, you should close the registration via Launch> Publish. In the Registration Open dropdown menu select Closed (No new registrations). Include a message for the guests to let them know the event has reached capacity and that they can register for the waitlist on the link.

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