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How do I clone my event?

Duplicate an event to copy over your design & settings

Updated over a week ago

Follow this simple guide if you happen to need to clone any of your previous events.

Sometimes the event you want to create has very similar settings to an event you created before. Lucky for you, there's no need to create a new event, you just need to clone or duplicate an existing one. 

Step 1: Navigate to your Dashboard by clicking on the Home button next to your event name in the top left corner of your screen or by clicking the RSVPify logo in the top left-hand corner of your event menu:

If you are looking for an event that already happened, you may need to navigate to the past events tab:

Step 2: Locate the event you want to clone and click on the three-dots button in the upper right corner of your event thumbnail. Select Duplicate event.

Duplicate your RSVPify event

Step 3: Edit event details
Edit the name of the event and other details such as event URL, date&time and location. 

Edit event details

If the original event has an exclusive invite list, you can also duplicate that invite list to the new event.

Step 4: Duplicate
Congratulations, you've successfully cloned your event. 

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