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How do I add collaborators to my event?
How do I add collaborators to my event?

Give admin access to your events

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So, do you want to share the management of your event with multiple users? With RSVPify's event collaborators feature that is not a problem! We understand that many events have multiple admins and with that in mind, this feature was created. You can add additional users to your RSVPify account and grant them access to specific events without sharing your login credentials.

When you have added your collaborators, they will receive an email informing them they have been invited to share management responsibilities to your event(s). When your event collaborators login to their accounts they will see your events in their dashboard.

Step 1: The collaborator will need to create a free RSVPify account if they do not already have one.

Admins must have an RSVPify account (or create one after clicking the button in your invitation email) if you want them to co-manage your event(s). To send the invitation to your collaborator, you first need to enter the 'event sharing' section located in the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of your screen:

Step 2: Invite the collaborator (using their email address) to manage your event(s).

Here's a quick overview:

Permission may be restricted to a read-only status or an admin one. What does that mean?

Read-Only + Check-In Admins

Read-only users don't have access to your event's setup. Therefore, they can't make any changes to your event's wall or form but they can keep track of your registrations/RSVPs with complete access to your event's dashboard. Additionally, they can check-in guests, tag and untag guests and add notes during the check-in process.

Administrator Access

While read-only collaborators are restricted from seeing the event's setup, those with an admin status can see and make changes to the setup and event's details. They also have full access to your dashboard and can keep track of your RSVPs and sales.

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