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RSVPify Language Support Article
RSVPify Language Support Article

Language settings for your event.

Updated over a week ago

Here at RSVPify, we support multilingualism. Besides English, RSVPify is currently available in 27 other languages.

We hope we'll be adding new languages soon. However, if your desired language is not on the list above, you can change English defaults to any language you'd like. 

To switch the language of your RSVP form, follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate Languages& Translations under your Event Settings
In your event's left navigation menu, locate and then select Event Settings. From there, select Languages&Translations.

Languages and Translations section of RSVPify

Step 2: Change the primary language of your RSVP form
If you wish to change the primary language of your RSVP form, you can do it here. Currently, four other languages, besides English, are available. After choosing your language, you'll receive a notification in the bottom left corner of your screen saying the primary language has been updated. 

Languages & Translations

Step 3: Add additional language(s)
If you need to show your RSVP form in multiple languages, this option allows you to add the additional languages you need. Your invitees will be able to choose in which language they want to see the RSVP form. 

Add new languages

This is what your guests will see when they visit your event website:

Multilingual RSVP form

Remember, if you switch the language of your RSVP form, only the defaults will be changed. The language changes will not include the translation of the text you've written in the Event Website or Form Builder. However, Event Website and Form Builder are fully customizable and you can update them with information in whatever language you desire. 

You can translate default text values into another language that's not on our list (yet) simply by clicking on the Settings button next to the primary language. From there, manually translate the text to the language of your choice and save the changes you made. You can always come back and restore all changes to defaults. 

Customize default language

If you require to display your event in different languages, you need to have two events and direct your guests who speak one language to one URL and your guests speaking another language to a different URL and reconcile the RSVPs on the backend.

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