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πŸ“– The RSVPify Glossary
πŸ“– The RSVPify Glossary

What is the event website, form builder, theme, template

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Templates are predesigned event websites that are completely customizable. You will select a template during the event creation process. While you can customize individual templates, you cannot switch between template styles after you've selected one.

The Event Website is your informational event page, made up of customizable 'blocks'. It will live on the left side of your event website (on desktop).Β 

  • Website Theme is a container of settings that drive the appearance of your event website. You can customize the overarching colors, fonts, and text sizes. You can also add custom CSS.

The Form Builder is used to create the registration experience. Drag and drop form blocks into your form. This will live on the right side of your event website (on desktop).Β 

  • Form Theme is similar to the website theme as it drives the design elements of your registration form. Add a background and logo, and customize the colors, fonts, and text sizes. You can also add custom CSS.

Learn more about customizing your event website and form here.

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