When setting up your tickets, you will notice that you can easily make the ticket either required, or optional! But, if the primary event ticket is 'declined', this will show that guest declined your event. If you are offering the option for guests to pay at the door (but still want to get an RSVP!), you can set this too. Here's an example of the type of flow we will be setting up:

Step 1:
Go to Setup > Sell Tickets & Collect Payments. Add a ticket option to your primary event (we will disable this later) - this will upgrade your event to our courtesy platinum tier. Click Save. 

Step 2:
Click Add a Secondary Event or Add-on. This will serve as your 'Purchase a ticket option'. 

Step 3:
Design your ticket purchase option as desired! We generally recommend checking the box 'only ask guests to RSVP if they accept the primary event'.

Step 4:
Select 'edit accept/decline text' from the dropdown to change your decline text to something relevant such as "I'll pay at the door".

Step 5:
Return to the Sell Tickets & Collect Payments page and enable ticketing on your secondary event. Add you ticket options (use the + button to add as many options as you need!). Make sure to select the option to "allow guests to decline".

Disable the primary event ticket using using the toggle next to the event's name. Click Save!

Step 6:
Test out your RSVP to ensure it is set up as you're envisioning! 

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