Background images will vary in size and scale based on the screen size your RSVP is being viewed from. While your background photo may look perfect on one monitor, on another monitor, elements may be covered by the RSVP form or your image may not scale exactly as you'd like.

For these reasons, we recommend an abstract background image (an image without people, for example) so that your RSVP will look great on all screen sizes.

For best results, we recommend uploading a background image that's at least 1290 pixels wide and 1830 pixels tall. Remember, all images uploaded must be under 2MB for an optimal experience for your guests.ย 

RSVPify does offer a stock image library that allows users to search Pixabay and drop an image from Pixabay into their selected area.

RSVPify's stock image library.

In case you need more inspiration, we've compiled a few of our favorite stock photo sites for (totally free!) backgrounds and images. Many of the images from the below sources may be over the 2MB limit, so you may need to resize them before uploading.


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