When selling tickets or collecting payments for your event, you can add-on pricing for various sub-events that you're hosting or add-on items that you're selling. For example...

Secondary (sub) Events Examples

  • Raffle
  • VIP Dinner
  • Breakout Session
  • Wine Tasting

Add-on Examples

  • Meal Package
  • T-Shirt
  • Hotel Room
  • Babysitting Package

Setting Up a Paid Secondary Event or Add-on

Step 1
Enable Ticketing Mode in Setup > Sell Tickets & Collect Payments
(Note: Ticketing must be enabled for your primary event to enable this setting. You can disable it later after you create a Secondary Event/Add-on.)

Step 2
Go to Setup > Secondary Events, and create a Secondary Event (or add-on).

Step 3
If the add-on or event is optional, customize the 'Decline Text' for guests who don't wish to purchase the add on or attend your Secondary Event.

To the right of your Secondary Event or add-on, click the drop-down. Click Edit Accept/Decline Text.

Step 4
Next, you'll set pricing and options. Go to Setup > Sell Tickets & Collect Payments. You will see the event or add-on you just created.

Add pricing, and click the + to add additional options.

T-Shirt Example Setup

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