RSVPify employs a series of technical and procedural tools and processes to protect our systems and data (servers, databases, etc). We regularly monitor and review these measures and related reports to ensure a safe and secure environment for our users and their guests.

Will my data be encrypted?

Quite simply, yes. Of course.

What type of encryption and key length will be used? How do you handle sensitive information?

We encrypt all web traffic across the RSVPify application using enterprise and military grade AES-256 encryption.

All sensitive information (e.g. passwords) that must be stored is done so in an encrypted ("hashed") state.

Does RSVPify store my credit card information?

RSVPify does not store credit card information. Credit card transactions are managed by trusted and independently verified 3rd party payment providers who comply with international security and compliance standards.

How will ID’s, authentication and authorization be managed?

Our systems are secured using industry standard Identity & Access Management (IAM) protocols. 

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