B'nai Mitzvahs are one of RSVPify's larger event segments as our platform's features are perfectly suited to accommodate the unique needs of these events! 

The beauty of RSVPify is that you're able to collect RSVPs for all of the sub-events inherent in this special celebration in one flow, while only letting specific guests RSVP (or even see!) the sub-events that they're invited to (e.g. Kiddush, Ceremony, Brunch, and PARTY!).

How RSVPify works for B'nai Mitzvahs:

Primary Event: You should name your Primary Event something that everyone on your guest list is invited to (e.g. Eli's Bar Mitzvah Party) OR something overarching about the festivities (e.g. Eli's Bar Mitzvah Celebration). All of your guests will see and RSVP to the Primary Event.

Secondary Events: You can add Secondary Events (via Setup > Secondary Events) for any sub-events associated with your weekend to which you need RSVP information from your guests. Note that Secondary Events are a premium feature and can be added to any Single Event (which starts at $29) for $10/ea.:

Collecting Meal Preferences for your Secondary Event(s):

The default meal preferences (Setup > Meal preferences) will always be associated with the Primary Event. If your Primary Event isn't the event that has a meal option (e.g. the ceremony) and/or if you need to collect meal information for a Secondary Event, you can do so using our custom questions feature. Here are the steps:

  1. Open your event.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select Custom Questions.
  4. At the top of your screen, locate the drop down menu. 'Primary Event' will be selected by default. Select the event you'd like to add a custom question to.
  5. Optional: enable the question setting "Only ask question to guests indicating they are able to attend"
  6. Save your questions.

Setting Up the Guest List for Your Child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah:

This is probably the most critical part of the setup process (though many hosts prefer to start with design their RSVP form as that's more fun!) and requires that you use our template. Even if you have an existing spreadsheet, we ask that you simply copy and paste (as values!) your relevant guest details into our spreadsheet template and do not include any other information (e.g. mailing address). Here are some guidelines and tips:

  • Do not change, re-order, or remove the 6 columns in this spreadsheet. Including Titles, plus 1s, and emails is entirely optional but if you are not going to import this information, simply leave those cells blank.
  • Party ID: be sure that each Party (think or Parties as families - individuals that will be RSVPing as one Group) have the same Party ID.
  • Email addresses are optional but should be included if you are sending digital invitations via RSVPify. Remove hyperlinks from emails.
  • Do not change the formatting of this spreadsheet. 
  • If you need more detailed instructions and/or to see why you're having an issue, please reference this detailed video walkthrough.

Here is what your Guest List should look like if done properly (and you opt to include titles and emails):

Customizing your B'nai Mitzvah's RVSP Form: Setup > Form Design

While designing / customizing the aesthetics of your form isn't necessarily the most pivotal component of setting up your event, it's certainly the part that users enjoy most.

Choosing a layout: RSVPify events have two choices when it comes to form layout: Simple Banner vs. Tri-Module, which are located at the top of the Form Design page. It's a personal choice and entirely up to the event host but the Tri-Module (featured above) tends to be popular for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Welcome Text: One thing we should cover the importance of the Welcome Text (not featured above). This is where a lot of B'nai Mitzvah hosts provide a lot of important event details for their guests. Examples of the types of details hosts include here are location / directions for various events, hotel information, transportation details, etc. You can add details, links, and even images to the Welcome Text:

Tip: You can always preview your RSVP form as you're making changes by clicking the purple View RSVP Button 

Adding an image(s) to your RSVP Form: Adding an image is a quick and easy way to personalize your RSVP form. If you'd like specific instructions for how to upload images to the Page Style of your choice, you can see this step by step guide to adding an image to your form

If you would like to add a background image to your form, RSVPify has several images in its library specific for Bar or Bat Mitzvahs: RSVPify's image library

Collecting Information from Your B'nai Mitzvah Guests

Custom Questions: One of the great things about RSVPify is the ability to collect useful information for your guests. Custom Questions can be asked to each individual in a Party / Family (e.g. "Is this guest under 12 years of age?") and/or once per Party / Family (e.g. At which hotel will you be staying?). Please note that the ability to ask Custom Questions is a premium feature. 

Tip: when working in this section make sure you click the save changes button in the bottom right whenever your add and/or edit a question!

Identifying How Many Children Will Attend (Custom Questions Continued)

It's quite often that B'nai Mitzvah hosts need to be able to provide their caterers with separate counts of adults vs. children (as there are often different costs associated with the different age groups). By collecting this information via RSVPify's Custom Questions feature, event hosts can receive an accurate live count of these guests which will be displayed directly on the RSVPs Dashboard. Hosts can ask this question at the: 

  • Guest level (per individual): "Is this guest under 12 years of age?" or
  • At the Party Level (once per group): e.g. "How many guests in your Party are under 12 years of age?"

Confirmation Page: the confirmation page is where your guests will be directed to once they submit their RSVP. While this is where the Family's RSVP information will be displayed, it's also another place in which you an provide helpful information about your event! You can add a distinct custom message for both guests who accept vs. those who decline. You can also add a 'Save to Calendar' option, custom links (e.g. to book a hotel room), enable guests to bookmark this page in case they want to access these details as a later date, and even insert a map with driving directions

Event URL:
Note that the web address for your event is something you choose when setting up your event and can be found (and edited) via Setup > General Options. It is imperative that you include the precise URL on your invitations as if there is a misspelling and/or you include an incorrect symbol (e.g. '@'), your guests will not be able to reach you RSVP form. 


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