For ease of use and ultimately much greater control over your event's data, we provide ALL of your event's data in spreadsheets exported from the RSVP Dashboard.

With that, though, comes one additional (super-quick and easy!) step to be able to filter and sort your spreadsheet data in literally any way(s) you like.

Some example uses:

  • Filter to show just guests coming to a given secondary event
  • See all replies from out of town guests only
  • Get a list of just guests with food allergies

In Microsoft Excel

In Excel, just one quick click will turn on filter/sort mode. Locate the Data tab, and then click the Filter button.

(Your Excel might look slightly different depending on version.)

Once Filter mode is enabled, use the drop downs at the top of each column to filter your RSVP replies by a given value (or set of values).

In Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, to enable Filter mode, click on Data then click Filter.

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