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Can I check in guests who were invited but didn't RSVP?
Can I check in guests who were invited but didn't RSVP?

How to check-in unconfirmed guests

Updated over a week ago

If you used the invite list, chances are you may come to event time and not everyone who was invited may have RSVP'ed or registered in advance. As long as they were on the invite list, unconfirmed guests can now be easily located and checked in.

Note - if you did not use the guest list or someone who wasn't original on the invite list arrives, you can always add them as a walk-in guest.

Searching for unconfirmed guests

Only guests who registered or are marked as registered could have a QR Code ticket for checking in. An unconfirmed guest can only be located by searching the name or email address listed on the invite list.

Upon search, any confirmed guests matching the search will display first. If there are any invitees that match the search, a second tab will display:

Upon selecting check in, staff would be asked to confirm that you'd like to mark this guest as an attendee, and check them in.

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