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How can I create conditional questions in the form?
How can I create conditional questions in the form?

Using the secondary event block to set up conditional logic in the form

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Sometimes there are questions in your registration form that you only want to ask specific attendees. Examples would include questions about the need for accommodations for out-of-town guests, collecting arrival and departure information for those who are flying in for the event, and so forth. RSVPify currently allows you to set up such conditional logic (asking these questions only if the person fulfills a condition - such as being an out-of-town guest) by using the secondary event block.

Step 1 - Add a secondary event block to your form and set it as a condition

In your Form Builder, you need to drag & drop a secondary event block to the form. Once you've done this, you need to set it up to work as a condition

Step 2 - Add a custom question to the form

Once you've added a secondary event and set it as a condition that needs to be met, you can then add a custom question that follows the secondary event. Custom questions are added by dragging and dropping the block into the form.

Step 3 - Set the custom question to only be asked from those attendees who clicked 'attending' the secondary event

After you've successfully added the custom question, you need to enter its settings. In the settings of the custom question, you can set it to be asked only if the attendee is 'attending' the 'secondary event' or, in this case, if they answered yes to the condition you set.

How will this work in the live form?

When you set up a condition in the form through a secondary event block, those attendees who select the attending response will see the question. In contrast, those who select the 'non-attending response' in the secondary event block will not see it at all.

Condition in the form

Using tags in the invite list to set conditions in the form

RSVPify also allows you to direct the experience of guests in the form based on the tags that were assigned to them during the import of your invite list. For example, you can set a specific question about travel arrangements to be asked only of those invitees who are tagged as 'Out of Town' guests. This is done by going to the settings of the specific question and adding an 'additional criteria' for the question to only be asked if the person is tagged with a specific tag:

Condition by Tag

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