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How to add a refund policy to my event?
How to add a refund policy to my event?

Let your attendees know what your conditions for issuing a refund are

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There are several ways that you can add your refund policy to your event website on RSVPify.


When you add this type of custom question to your form, your attendees will not be able to complete their registration until they confirm that they've read and agree to your terms. The waiver is composed of a description and legalese, so everything you need to say about your refund policy, and the guests' consent to it can be put into these boxes. Below is an example of setting up a waiver-type custom question in your form:

Set up a Waiver-type custom question

Text Block - Custom Question

Another option that can be used to add a refund policy to your form is combining a text block with a custom question. The text block itself would contain the link to the document that holds the information about the refund policy. Below is an example of how this text block should be set up:

Once this text block has been set up you can follow it up with a custom question that only has the 'I have read and agree to the refund policy' option. By adding this question after the block where the refund policy document is available, you can make sure that your guests will confirm their agreement with it. By making it required on the other hand, you will be certain that they will not be able to complete their registration until they've agreed to the refund policy you provided:

Refund Policy Custom Question

Refund Policy Section in the 'Event Website' part of the event

Apart from including the refund policy in the form where the attendees confirm their agreement with it, you can also include it in the Event Website in a specific block. This can be done by adding a text/image block to the event website and highlighting parts of the refund policy or again hyperlinking the document that contains the full refund policy for the event:

Refund Policy in the Event Website

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