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Can I set an RSVP or registration open date and time?
Can I set an RSVP or registration open date and time?

Open the registration form at the time of your choice!

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RSVPify allows you to schedule a date and open your registration/RSVP form at a later time. You can do this from the actions menu of your event's header navigation:

Step 1: Locate 'Schedule to open' option

In your event's header navigation, locate the Actions menu and from there select the 'Schedule to open' option.

Schedule registration open date

Step 2: Set registration open date and time and customize the message your guests will see until the time in which your registration period opens.

Schedule registration to open.

Step 3: Publish & Schedule Open

Your event link will become publicly accessible but your registration form will be closed.

Closed form message.

You can change the registration open date & time by clicking on the Edit button in the actions menu dropdown:

Edit registration open date

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