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Can I upload custom fonts?
Can I upload custom fonts?

Import custom fonts via 'My Account' section of the platform.

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How to Add Custom Fonts to your Event Website & Registration Form

Having a unique and branded font can help your event stand out and help create a more cohesive look and feel. With our event software, you can easily upload a custom font to be used on your event website and registration form.

What to know about custom fonts:

  • This feature is only available on certain plans. Check the upgrade page for details.

  • Custom fonts cannot be used in emails


How To Import A Custom Font

Adding a custom font to your account is easy! This guide will show you how to import a custom font in no time.

Step 1: Log in to your account

To begin, go to the 'my account' section in the top right corner of the screen.

My account section

Step 2: Click the 'import custom font' button

Import Custom Font

Step 3: Enter a font name and upload

Enter the name of the font you’re uploading and then upload the font in .ttf, .woff and/or .woff2 format.

We recommend uploading all 3 file types for each font, but this is not required. Multiple formats helps with browser compatibility. If you only have the font in one format, upload it to a converter tool like Transfonter, and it'll allow you to convert and download the other formats.

Import a custom font

Step 4: Save



Once saved, the font will be successfully imported and will be displayed at the top of the font list as seen below.

Font list.

And that's it! You now have a custom font ready for use with your website or registration forms.

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