When you connect a Facebook tracking pixel, RSVPify will automatically send data on important conversion events directly to Facebook.

What is an 'event' in Facebook Ads?

Tracking conversion events in Facebook Ads lets you optimize your campaigns and create custom audiences for re-marketing and lookalike targeting.

In RSVPify, a conversion event is an action taken by your guests such as an event registration or ticket purchase.

Without any configuration required, RSVPify will automatically add event tracking data to Facebook's Event Manager for the following events:





Viewed your event.



Registered for your event.



Purchased tickets to your event.

Total Order Value


Made a donation.


How do I add a Facebook pixel?

  1. Access your event

  2. In the left navigation, select Setup > Event Settings > Analytics & Custom Scripts

  3. Enter your Facebook Pixel ID

  4. Click Save

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