This feature is included with Enterprise.

Kiosk Mode included in our check-in suite will help you eliminate the need for extra staff at the door and speed up the check-in process, especially during busy times by authorizing your guests to complete check-in on their own. On top of that, we allow for the customization of the design and experience of the self-service kiosk mode.

Self check-in using Kiosk Mode on RSVPify.

Setting up Kiosk Mode

  1. Access your event and select the Kiosk option

    RSVPify Kiosk Mode for Check-in

  2. Set Kiosk Name - kiosk name should be a unique name, specific to a check-in terminal. It will be stored in check-in activity logs and is only visible to event staff.

  3. Set Exit Code - set a passcode to prevent guests from existing kiosk mode.

  4. Set Scan Camera - this camera will be used for guest QR code scanning.

  5. Set filters that will limit who can enter in a specific kiosk.

  6. Allow walk-in guests - depending on the privacy of your event, you can choose to allow walk-in guests to check-in in a specific kiosk.

  7. Display seating assignments - this option will only show if you have any seating charts created for your event. Upon successful check-in, guests will be shown their seating assignments.

    Kiosk Mode settings

  8. Customize Kiosk Theme - changes made to the kiosk theme will apply to all existing kiosk stations of an event

    Kiosk Theme allows you to set criteria for check-in. Depending on your choice, guests will be able to check-in using their QR Code, Confirmation Code, Email Address or Name.

    You can also upload a logo and a background image and you can customize the color scheme of your kiosk stations.

    Kiosk Theme customizations

  9. Launch Kiosk Mode

This is what the self-check-in experience looks like to your guests:

Self check-in using Kiosk Mode on RSVPify.

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