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Tips for device use during extended check-in periods
Tips for device use during extended check-in periods

Tips to optimize your device for extended use during long check-in periods, particularly when in warmer temperatures.

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Extended use of any mobile or tablet device for long periods of time, particularly when outside and using resource-intensive features like the camera can cause devices to heat up -- slowing down performance, and in some cases, causing devices to overheat. Here's some tips for optimizing your device for lengthy check-in periods, particularly when in warmer temperatures.

  • Use a modern, powerful device, with the most up-to-date OS. Older devices and less powerful ones may struggle with extended device use, particularly when utilizing the device’s camera for extended periods.

  • Extended device use of any kind in warm temperatures can cause your device to heat up -- and the device’s processors to slow, impacting check-in app speed and performance. Check-in guests in a cool environment, where possible.

  • Avoid direct sunlight when using your check-in device for extended periods of time. Consider a tent or canopy for your check-in staff.

  • Remove your device’s case. Because they can inhibit your device’s ability to cool off, cases can contribute to devices overheating, particularly in warmer temperatures.

  • Reduce the brightness of your device’s screen. This will extended battery life, and reduce heat.

  • Have a backup device, and consider rotating between the two when using check-in for extended periods.

  • Keep you device plugged into an outlet or external battery source when checking guests in. Devices operating on internal batteries for extended periods inherently heat up.

  • If you can't keep you device plugged in, take a break to charge your device and give it some time to cool down, particularly when checking in guests outdoors.

  • Considering purchasing a "heat sink" case for your device if operating it in warm temperatures. These cases help your device keep cool and running smoothly.

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