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How to Sync Your Classy Account to Utilize RSVPify's Advanced Event Management Features
How to Sync Your Classy Account to Utilize RSVPify's Advanced Event Management Features

A detailed guide for connecting your Classy & RSVPify Accounts

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This is a comprehensive guide for how to go about syncing your Classy account with RSVPify so that your campaigns' data automatically populates within RSVPify. Note that you will need to be logged into both your Classy and RSVPify account in order to sync the two and you will need to have the Classy integration manually enabled on your account by one of RSVPify's representatives. You can scroll down to see the step by step instructions which you can reference once you've reviewed this brief video demo:

Step 1: Create a 'New App' within your Classy account

Proceed to the 'Apps & Extensions' section within your Classy Account, click on the Classy API icon at the top. Copy & paste the info below into the respective fields and then click 'CREATE APP':

Application Name: RSVPify App

Once that's been created, it will be listed under 'Your Applications' on that same page. Click 'Edit' so that you can locate the unique fields you're going to need to enter into the My Account section in RSVPify.

Step 2: Connect your Classy account by entering the Unique identifiers into the My account section of RSVPify.

Note that this section will only be available once the integration has been manually enabled on your account by an RSVPify staff member.

Proceed to the My Account section (via the menu in the upper right) or click HERE

Then, add the unique fields from your account's Classy API Application into the appropriate fields. The first two fields are very straight forward but the Organization ID is actually the unique identifier that's viewable in your address bar.

Once you've successfully connected your Classy and RSVPify Accounts, you're ready to import your guest data into RSVPify!

Click HERE to learn how to import your event and associated data into RSVPify so that you can utilize our advanced features (Seating Chart Maker, Integrated Guest Check-in, etc.!)

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