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Does RSVPify offer a nonprofit discount?
Does RSVPify offer a nonprofit discount?

RSVPify offers a nonprofit discount to approved nonprofit and educational institutions.

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Yes, RSVPify offers a discount to approved nonprofit organizations.

What are the benefits of an NPO discount?

RSVPify offers a 20% discount to all of our annual plans to approved nonprofit organizations. Before committing to an annual plan, you are more than welcome to try subscribing to any monthly plan with a standard monthly rate to ensure that RSVPify is a good fit for your organization.

Apart from the general discount to our plans, RSVPify also allows NPOs to apply for discounted ticketing fees for their ticketed events. Instead of the fees being at an industry-low 1.95% + $.90 per ticket or person, should they receive the discount, NPOs only pay 1.7% + $.78 per ticket sold.

Nonprofit and educational discount rates for RSVPify

How does my NPO get approved for a discount?

To get your NPO approved for a discount in RSVPify, you need to complete a simple application. Please include the following information in a request form.

  1. Which plan you are applying for

  2. A link to your organization's website

  3. A brief description of your organization's mission

  4. Form 990

After this application has been completed, we will work on getting you approved and contact you regarding the next required steps.

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