Sometimes it happens that events need to have a limited capacity and can receive only a pre-determined number of attendees. RSVPify has made the creation of such events very simple by allowing users to set a capacity limit to their events. This process takes place in several steps.

Step 1: In your left navigation menu locate Setup and select Form Builder

In order to be able to set a limited capacity for your event, you need to select form builder in the left navigation menu. The form builder will then appear. In this section, you need to find the ticket or RSVP block and click on the settings icon in its top left-hand corner.

Opening settings drawer of the ticketing block to set event capacity limit

Step 2: Open the settings and look for "Set Event Capacity Limit"

Once you open the settings, you will see a number of customizable features that your ticketing block has. In these settings, find the "Set Event Capacity Limit" and toggle the button to enable it. After that, a box will appear in which you can put the number which will set the capacity limit. Additionally. you will be able to choose whether you want a message to be displayed once the capacity is reached, or you want the elements of the block to simply be hidden.

Step 3 (Optional): Setting capacity limitations for the individual selections in the ticketing block

In case you want to set a capacity limit for each of your selections, you can do so by clicking on the settings icon next to those selections. Once you enter the settings of the selection you want to set a capacity limit for, you need to toggle the button of the option for limitations and set the maximum number of registrations that will be received for that selection.

Setting a limit of registrations a selection can receive

Once these steps are completed, your event will be closed for registrations after the limit is reached.

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