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How to change the form button text
How to change the form button text

Change the form button text via Setup > Event Settings > Languages & Translations

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After the event has been published (or during the preview) the form is displayed with the text in its buttons being set to default. Naturally, not everyone wants the default settings to apply to their form. Therefore, RSVPify allows for the ability to change the language present in the form through a series of simple steps.

Step 1: Customize > Event Settings > Languages & Translations

Open the setup menu, which will drop to reveal three options, the final of which is Event Settings. Click on the Event Settings and scroll down until you see the menu titled Languages & Translations.

Step 2: Select the settings icon next to the language you'd like to update

Once you have entered the Languages & Translations menu, you will see a dropdown selection of all the languages you can choose for your form to be displayed. After you have identified the language you want to use, click on the 'Customize' button.

Customize a language

Step 3: Customize your text as desired, and save the changes

After you enter the settings, you will see a list of all the default button texts, which you can then alter in any way you wish. This will allow you to customize your form to your liking. However, you will be able to return back to the default settings at any time by clicking "Restore all to defaults".

Language customizations on RSVPify

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