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How do I set up recurring time slots?
How do I set up recurring time slots?

How to create and manage recurring time slots and capacity limits.

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This article will help you get started with recurring time slots.

We will use a specific scenario to help give a setup example: we will be doing a walking tour event that runs three times a day for a week:

1st time slot at 10 AM to 12 PM

2nd time slot at 12 PM to 2 PM

3rd time slot at 2 PM to 4 PM

Step 1: Create a new event and select relevant details for the event with time slots

Event Setup - when creating an event with time slots, under event setup select multiple sessions, dates, or times

Session Scheduling event setup - RSVPify

Step 2: In the Form Builder, go to the settings drawer of your ticket block

In your event's left navigation menu locate Setup and from there select Form Builder. Click on the cog icon of the ticketing block and enable the Recurring Time Slots option. Click Manage Time Slots.

Setting up recurring time slots.

Step 3: Add Time Slots

In the Manage Time Slots screen click Add Time Slots

Adding time slots.
  • Set the start date - this is the date of your first time slot.

  • Set the end date - this is the date of your last available time slot.

  • Set the start time - this is the start time of your first available time slot.

  • Set the end time - this is the time when your last available time slot will end.

  • Set the days - select the days of the week that you will be offering available time slots.

  • Set the increment - this is the duration of each available time slot.

Managing recurring time slots with RSVPify.

Additional details

  • Selectable ticket types & limited availability
    If having multiple ticket tiers and products, you can dictate which of those products are available for certain time slots and you can cap the number of attendees that can register for a certain time slot.

  • When the time slot is full you can choose to disable or completely hide a time slot.

  • When a ticket tier or product is sold out, you can choose to completely hide it or disable and show a message that will indicate the product has been sold out.

Limited capacity and time slots overrides.

Step 4: Save

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