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How to add, edit or delete a website block?
How to add, edit or delete a website block?

Adding, editing or deleting a website block (text block, speakers block, map, etc.)

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How to add a block to your website:

In your event's left navigation menu, locate the Event Website Builder link and click on it. To add a block, under Available Blocks locate which one you want to add to your website, and then click on the '+' icon.

How to add a block to the event website on RSVPify

How to edit a block?

Editing a website block can be done by clicking on the little cog icon of that block, and then making relevant updates. After this cog has been clicked a settings menu will open up and you will be able to change anything you want with that particular block (except the actual text displayed in the block).

Editing a website block - RSVPify

How to edit default text in text blocks?

Unlike other options such as the section title and background color of the text block which are edited in the settings menu, the text is edited in the preview of the block. The preview is located on the right-hand side and the changes in the default text are made simply by clicking into it. Even the Cover block, which has additional options in the settings menu, is edited in the same way as a text block when it comes to text.


Adding and editing text in the text block

If you wish to delete a block from your website:

Under "Added Blocks", locate the block you want to remove and then click on the trash can icon next to it and confirm that you want to delete the block.

Deleting a website block on your event website - RSVPify.

If your event is in published mode, you will have to republish it in order for the changes to go live.

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