Our Check-in Suite allows event hosts to set filters and pre-determine who gets checked-in/out on the day of the event. You can filter the guests based on their ticket selection and/or their tags. Here's how:

Step 1: Log into the Check-in Suite on your device and access your event

Step 2: Click on the QR Code Scanner Button

Step 3: Grant RSVPify access to use your device's camera

Step 4: Click on the Settings icon and set the check-in filters for your device

When checking in attendees, guests who match the set filters will be checked in automatically upon scanning their QR code(s). If someone in the group doesn't match the set filters you'll be able to check them in by going to the group details and clicking on the green check-in icon.

Note: If using multiple devices for check-in, the set filters will only apply for the device on which you set them up.

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