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How do I check in guests using an Apple iOS device?
How do I check in guests using an Apple iOS device?

Learn how to check guests in by scanning a QR code with an Apple iPhone or iPad.

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Before continuing, please double-check that you have the most recent version of iOS.

If you are using an Apple iOS device, first please make sure you've downloaded our Check-In App for iOS, and have logged into the check-in suite with your account credentials.

Once logged in, access your event and then click on the QR code scanner button at the bottom of the page.

Check-in using a QR code

Grant RSVPify access to your device's camera.

Point your device's built-in camera at the guest's QR code (guests can display their QR code on any mobile device or paper printout)

Once the QR code is recognized, a pop-up with the group details will be displayed.

You can choose to check in the whole group automatically or view group details to check-in guests one by one.

Check-in using name, confirmation code, or email

  1. Login to your RSVPify Check-In Suite with the iOS App

  2. Access your event

  3. Click on the check-in tab

  4. Enter the attendee information (full or partial) in the search bar at the top of the screen

  5. Tap the check box icon next to the guest or guests you wish to check in. The icon will turn green, indicating that the guest was successfully checked-in

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