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What information can I see when I check in a guest?
What information can I see when I check in a guest?

Easily view ticket selections, meal choices, custom question answers, and more when using event check-in for your guests.

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When you are completing the event check-in process, you may want to view certain details so you can point the guest in the right direction or provide accurate information about their event registration. Here, we'll walk you through what information you can see, and how!

To locate a guest, you can scan their QR code, or search by name or confirmation number. Clicking on their name and then selecting the Information tab will allow you to see all the details of their RSVP or ticket.

What information can you see upon clicking on the guest? Here's a list, but of course you may not have requested all this information for your own event:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Confirmation Number

  • Other guests in their Group

  • Ticket Type/RSVP selection

  • Table & Seat Assignments

  • Custom Question Answers

  • Meal Preference Selections

  • Responses to Secondary Events

  • Tags

  • Custom Data Fields

  • Uploaded Files

  • Receipt

  • Notes (added by the host, not seen by guest)

Here's an example of what this looks like!

What information can I see without clicking on the information tab?

While in the Feed section of the check-in app, you can see some basic attendee details without going to the information tab. Those details are:

  • Name

  • Ticket Type/RSVP selection

  • Tags

Attendee details in the feed section of the check-in app

In the check-in section within the app, you can see:

  • Name

  • Ticket Type/RSVP selection

  • Tags

  • Group Size

Attendee details in the check-in section of the check-in app

What information can I see upon QR code scan?

Upon QR code scan, apart from the attendee's name, you can see their table and seat assignments as well. To see complete details of their registration, click 'View guest details'.

Information seen upon QR code scan.

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