If you are using our integrated event check-in system, you will want to be sure that all guests received their QR codes and/or confirmation numbers, so that the event registration and check-in process can be as seamless as possible. That's where our automated email reminder feature comes in handy. If enabled, all of your attending guests will receive up to 2 email reminders before the actual event, and you can set how long before your event the guests receive the reminder(s) - from 7 days in advance, to just 1 hour prior to the event.

Here's how to enable automated email reminders:

Step 1: Go to Event Settings > Email Confirmations & Reminders

In your left event navigation menu, locate Setup and from there select Event Settings. Then, select Email Confirmations & Reminders.

Step 2: Toggle confirmation and QR code settings to "on"

Toggle these settings on to include event confirmation and/or QR codes in your automated email reminders

Step 3: Enable reminder emails under the Auto Reminders section

The Auto Reminders section is located just below confirmation and QR code settings. You can enable up to 2 email reminders, and set how long before your event guests receive the reminder(s) - from 7 days in advance to just 1 hour prior to the event.

By default, reminder emails will include the content of your confirmation email. However, if you wish to change the content of the reminders, you can do so under the 'Reminder Email' section on the confirmation email page.

And if you are not sure how to customize your confirmation emails, a good place to start would be HERE.

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