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Can I include QR codes at a later time and resend the confirmation email?
Can I include QR codes at a later time and resend the confirmation email?

Resend confirmation emails to include your guests' QR codes

Updated over a week ago

If you are using our integrated event check-in system, you may want to resend email confirmations with the guest's QR code and confirmation number, to make it easily accessible before your event. Or, maybe you decided to use event check-in later and didn't include this in the email confirmations upfront. Either way, not a problem! Here are the steps to resend confirmation emails along with the QR codes for your guests to make event registration seamless:

Step 1: Go to Event Settings > Email Confirmations & Reminders

In your left event navigation menu, locate Setup and from there select Event Settings. Then, select Email Confirmations & Reminders.

Step 2: Toggle confirmation and QR code settings on

If not enabled by default, toggle these settings on and save the changes you made. After doing this, QR and confirmation codes will be included in the emails your guests receive after completing the event registration process.

Include QR and confirmation codes in confirmation emails.

Step 3: Go to Dashboard > Overview and resend email confirmations

Resending confirmations can be done via Dashboard > Overview. Follow the next steps:

1. Tick the boxes next to the names of the guests you want to re-send the confirmation (or tick the box next to the 'First Name' column to select all guests)

2. Click on the 'Actions' button and select Confirmation

3. Confirm the intent to re-send the confirmation email

Resend confirmation emails to attending guests.

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