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How can I update the address for my event?
How can I update the address for my event?

Update the map block in the event website builder and publish the event!

Updated over a week ago

We have added a dynamic interactive map feature to the event wall, which makes providing guests with the address of your event easy with just a few clicks.

The address you have included in the event creation process should reflect the address in the map block in your event wall. However, if you did not set the address in the event creation process or you are seeing some other location in the map block, here's how to change that:

Option 1

Navigate to Event Settings > Event Details

Under Event Location, set the desired address and save the changes you made. Now the map block will reflect the primary location of your event. You can also choose between in-person, virtual and hybrid type of the event.

Event location - RSVPify

Option 2

Navigate to Event Website Builder > locate the map block

Click on the settings icon for the map block in the event wall, set to other location and then type in the location of your event.

Event Website Builder - Map Block - RSVPify

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