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How do I submit event registration on behalf of my guests?
How do I submit event registration on behalf of my guests?

RSVP/handle event registration in place of your guests

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Option 1: Mark invitee(s) attending from the Invite List

If you're using an Invite List, and an Invitee has RSVP'd to you outside of RSVPify, you can choose to mark invitees as attending or not attending.

  1. Go to the Invite List tab

  2. Select the invitee(s) you want to mark attending or not attending

  3. From the Actions menu, select the invitee's reply

  4. Follow the on-screen prompts

You can optionally add and edit guest details such as responses to custom questions or meal preferences after you've manually RSVP'd for a guest.

Option 2: Submit registration using your own form

You can submit a registration in place of your guests by going to your event's URL and submitting a registration as if you were that guest.

Simply click on the View Event button and go through the registration process.

Submit registration for a guest via view event button

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