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How do I export a list of all invitees and those who haven't responded?
How do I export a list of all invitees and those who haven't responded?

Learn how to export lists of all event attendees, or just those who haven't completed event registration or responded

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While all of your event registration data is fully exportable to Excel, you can also customize your export and select which fields you want to export beforehand. In other words, if you want to download only a specific group of people (e.g. those who have not yet responded to your event) you can do that. Here's how:

Step 1: Go to Invite List > Invitees

In your event's left navigation menu, locate Invite List and then select Invitees.

Invite List - RSVPify

Step 2: Select which columns you want to export

You can select which columns are to be exported by clicking on the columns button next to the export button. From there, mark all the column titles that you want to export to a spreadsheet.

If you want to export the list of all invitees

After customizing the columns you want to export, simply click on the Export column and select 'Just visible columns' and 'All rows' radio buttons. Click Download and your export will start.

If you want to export a specific set of invitees

Step 3: Select which rows you want to export

Filtering the rows can be done once you click on the 'Add a Filter' button. You can filter by reply, tag, email address, name and additional guests.

For example, if you want to export the list of those who have not replied to your event, you would need to filter by reply, and then select 'no reply yet'.

Step 4: And finally - export!

Click on the Export button and to make sure you export only the customized fields, select 'Just visible columns' and 'Filtered only' radio buttons. Click Download and wait for your export to start. Once it's done, you'll have the customized export ready for you to put into further use.

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