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πŸ“œ Seating Chart Overview
πŸ“œ Seating Chart Overview

Forget about seating issues with RSVPify's drag-and-drop seating chart feature

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A seating chart is a way to organize where guests will sit during your event. It can be used for personal events like weddings, corporate events and parties, and for large-scale conferences or presentations. Many of our partners even use the seating chart feature to create abstract seating charts to do things like create board member welcome assignments, sales rep assignments, etc.

Fortunately, RSVPify's seating chart tool is extremely easy to use and your seating chart(s) can be ready in no time. Yes, you have read that correctly - you can create multiple seating charts for the invitees of your primary event, secondary event(s), or only for the invitees and attendees tagged with a certain tag.

Check out this quick video for an overview of RSVPify's Seating Chart Feature or the steps listed below the video for an introduction.

To create a seating chart you would need to follow these simple steps:
1. Navigate to the Seating section in the left navigation menu of your event

2. Name your seating chart, and set the number of tables and individual seats at each table

3. Drag guests to a table of your choice

4. Make updates until your seating chart is perfect

One more thing: We will auto-queue your accepts and automatically add all coming guests to your 'unseated guests' area. The only thing left for you to do is drag-and-drop guests to a table with ease.

Here's a quick overview of the seating chart creation process:

Adding people to the seating chart.

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