Secondary Events

Secondary Events are the perfect way to invite sub-sets of a guest list to specific sub-events (rehearsal dinner, kiddush, etc.)

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A Secondary Event is any event you'd like guests to reply to in addition to your primary event. While all guests will be asked to RSVP to your primary event, you can opt to also ask ALL guests to RSVP to a Secondary Event or manage your invite list so only certain people are asked to RSVP to your Secondary Event.

Guests not invited to a Secondary Event will not be asked to RSVP to or be able to see these sub-events.

To make sure you invite all the right people to your sub-event(s), you will be asked to set the audience for your secondary event. This means you can invite everyone (everyone will be asked to RSVP to the secondary event) or only invitees tagged with a certain tag (this is only possible if you are using the invite list and have tagged your invitees) - only those tagged will be able to see secondary events and will be asked to respond to them.

We have added some additional settings to the overall experience - you can ask those attending, not attending or maybe attending your primary event to RSVP to your secondary event or you can set it to be asked always - regardless of the response to the primary event.

You can set limited capacity or request a payment for the secondary event, and include a calendar invitation which is automatically added to your guests' calendar after they indicate they are attending the event.

Here's an overview of adding secondary event(s) to your form:

You can keep track of responses to your secondary event(s) via Reporting > Secondary Events.

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