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How do I edit my event calendar invitation(s)?
How do I edit my event calendar invitation(s)?

Enabling and editing calendar invitations for your event

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By default, calendar invitations will be set to reflect the date and time of your event. To edit the date and time of your event, head to Event Settings > Event Details:

Event details section of RSVPify.

If you are hosting an event with multiple dates or sessions, then the above setting will not apply to you. You will need to edit (or update) calendar invitations from the form builder of your event. You will need to do the following:

  1. From within the form builder, open the settings of your primary (RSVP or ticketing) block

  2. Click on the ticket tier where you want to update the calendar invitation. Scroll down and locate the 'Include Calendar Invitation' option just below the email requirement setting.

  3. Update the calendar invitation with the details of your event/session

Details you will need to update:

  • Start Date is the date (and time) when your event or session starts.

  • End Date field should state when your event or session is done. This field is optional and if you decide to leave it blank that will mean your event will last for the whole day.

  • Timezone is the next field for you to fill out. This is the timezone of your event.

  • Under Location enter the address where your event will take place.

  • Entering Description is also optional but you can use this space to add details about your calendar invitation.

  • Event Organizer - enter your name here or the name of the person/company that is stated as the official event organizer.

  • Organizer's Email Address - This field should contain your private/work email address or the email address of the person that is stated as the official event organizer.

After you make these changes, save (and republish) your event.

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